(Lack of) Parking in Riversdale Apartments (Maternity)

Dear All

I am writing to let you all know about the appalling service that Smith Management Company are running in Riversdale.

Being able to adhere to the parking rules (9 to 5) normally, my wife is expecting her first baby and will be on maternity leave. However, her car cannot be parked outside even on a temporary basis, clamping at €120 per release fee per day is not really an option!!!

The management company (Smith's Management) refused to issue a temporary permit for ANY reason. I spoke with a Paula (quite nice but obviously worn down by the level of complaints) and a complete idiot called Charlie (when I asked to escalate the call). Not only did he cut me off on the phone, he was unable and unwilling to help any further with my enquiries. I would rent the parking space & permit if there was an option available. 1 permit per residence - NO EXCEPTION!!

Judging by the levels of complaints about Smith Management, this company is seriously poor and there service levels unacceptable (our front security door has been broken for almost 6 months).

If you are thinking of moving into an apartment in Riversdale or Rockfield, don't bother - particularly if your other half has a car and fertile!!

:( :( :(