Landscaper report


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The landscaper has been selected by the committee and contracts were drawn up and signed. Cutting of grass and weedkilling has commenced.
Contributions are still being collected, however, from those households whom have not yet paid.
The landscaper (Tommy Murphy) came to me with two issues. 1: There are a few bare shrub beds on the way into Oak Park. I told him that we would seed them with grass if no one has any better ideas.
2: There are numerous broken bottles around the electrical transformer in the Paddocks. They are a hazard. Can we get together and clean them up?

Barry Magan,
Chairman, Castleredmond Residents Association.


Moderator (Castleredmond)
Broken Bottles


These bottles were as a result of last Saturday week 15th Sept.
I went down on Sunday and swept up the glass, the kids also helped me to cleanup the bottles (13 in all) and I recycled as appropriate. Thanks Lads!

I think we need an educational day about this kind of stuff - Make all of us aware and responsible. Get to the route cause of alot of this stuff and leave the landscaper to his expertise areas. He shouldn't have to cleanup our mess on a daily basis. Again I saw bottles, coke cans etc leaving the Paddocks again today. Also the lovely Paddocks stoneword has been graffitied(Is this the right spelling :))

When I and all can help let us know.



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Lets do it Together


Lets do a educational fun day before the weather gets 2 bad.
Please send your comments Ideas to commitee and try to be available to get things moving - Lets create awareness in the Estate about cleaning up rubbish and to look after our Trees etc...