Luas Works on Mayor Street


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Is anyone else fed up with being kept awake by late night Luas work on mayor street? Last night the work continued till after midnight. I have phoned RPA in July after a particularly noisy late night bout of kango hammering, and they insisted that night was a one-off, never to be repeated. Ive phoned again this morning, but havent had a response as yet. Agreed the Luas is a great addition to Mayor St, but there should be a restriction after say 10 pm, so we can enjoy some peace in the evenings, and sleep in peace also.


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Noise and Litter

I agree about the noise from the Luas works. However, I would have to say I would favour the sound of a pneumatic drill over all the screaming kids............

Digging up a road to lay tram tracks is never going to be a 'clean business'. However the removal of access to any bins along one side of Mayor Street has exacerbated the already serious litter problem in the area. I got in contact with Dublin City Council and they promised some months ago to conduct a review of 'litter services' in the IFSC. Since then the problem has got even worse! I guess it just isn't a priority.

So much for the Environment Minister John Gormley's increased on the spot litter fines!