Management fees 2016/17 no 2


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Received my statement yesterday 25th dated 4th Aug and my account needs to be cleared by 18th Aug...typical!!

Firstly I'm p**ed off with these annual fees because of the lack of services I receive, I have been onto access to state I will not be paying anymore fees until they are reviewed from an individual unit perspective.

In my case I live on ground floor in two bed unit with my own front door access to the street (I'm not in a multi unit block) and the only service I use is block insurance and bins, and obviously the general upkeep of the estate. However i'm sick of having to pay for services that aren't applicable to me like window cleaning, lift maintenance, car parks, gates, carpets among other services that are facilitated in blocks

I think its very unfair the way the service fees are calculated as per unit size as opposed to unit type ie; 2 beds are generalized the same irregardless of block or non block when some of the services wont ever be applicable to the likes of my unit!!

Also noted on the statement is if the account is not up to date parking permits will be cancelled and not be issued until the account is cleared!!! Are these people for real??

They appoint a private clamping company to clamp unit owners cars in the spaces they purchased with their units......seriously who the hell to Access think they are!! I will be cutting any clamp that's put on my car off, as they have no right to touch my property(car) in MY space that I purchased with MY unit!!

Any though's on this people i'd like to hear some feedback???


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We received ours yesterday and are irate. The standard of service received from Access is sub par (politely). They don't respond to phone calls or emails, there's been a broken light for two years at the rear of Hampton Wood (the little green), and it takes months to get anything resolved.