Moving in Royal Canal


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Hi All,

We are in the process of purchasing an apartment in Royal Canal Park on the Meridian / Horizon side, we are very happy with that and from our few visits like the area very much.

I would like to ask local residents for their opinion on a few topics:

- Is the area reasonably quiet? From our visits over different times / days we found it ok but any inputs would be welcome.
- With reference to the Meridian and Horizon buildings, we have read that there were a few events of anti-social behaviour, late night music from some apartments etc. which date a few years back now. Again we did not spot anything concerning during our visits but insider views would be very useful.

Anything else you could share please feel free to post :).

Thakns for your help


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Overall the area is great, remember that any apartment block with have the odd isolated trouble maker from time to time anywhere in the city, but in Royal Canal Park they are usually dealt with as we have 24 hour security and repeat offenders will be given the boot eventually, the courtyard at Meridian Court can get noisy in summer with kids playing, but other than that it's a great area and good location, close to M50, Phoenix Park and the City Centre... and with a Luas stop in Broombridge and hopefully a train stop at Royal Canal Park too, it ticks a lot of boxes.