Noisey Kids / Damage to property


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Has the constant screaming and game playing by the kids in the blocks gotten to a point where something needs to be done? The grounds are being vandalised, grass is destroyed, bench is broken. How do we put a stop to this totally unfair behaviour on normal residents?



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thanks for your comments. however i would suggest this is probably best dealt with through the management company rather than on a public forum. the managing agent can put you in contact with others.


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I think this is the perfect place for residents to voice their concerns, the kids seem to be pretty public on voicing theirs!:rolleyes:

I own a place looking out onto the garden (football pitch, rollerblade ramp……), and have lived here for the last 3 years. But things have progressively gotten worse with regard to the behaviour of the kids. Last week I saw a kid throwing pieces of the red tarmac at our security guard, so this week I contacted Cluid (the group running the social housing here) to complain, and they were really great. In fact they welcomed information or concerns so that they could take preventive action if needed. So if you have concerns feel free to ring them.
Also I learnt that they have a rep living in the block who had reported on the behaviour of the kids last weekend. Hopefully if we take action we can live in some peace where at least some of the house rules are implemented.

PS thanks to the person who posted the flyers advertising this site !
I completely agree with the comments made regarding noisy children and their unruly behaviour. My patience has run out at this stage and measures need to be taken to ensure the situation does not worsen if that’s possible! I also believe that this is an apt forum to discuss these frustrating issues, it is comforting to see that my neighbours patience is also running out. The management fees are certainly not in line with the level of service being provided, they do not even return my calls, thanks Pat for your suggestion to contact Cluid directly, I mean somebody needs to control Ally and her friends…

p.s here is the Cluid website for your reference


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I am a resident here too and it has gotten to the stage where I hope for rain so hopefully the children wont be at my deck playing and breaking the trees and throwing stones onto our patio. I have found myself having to close my patio doors so as not to hear them but they still love to look in to see what we are doing. I am all for children playing outside but the language they use to each other and to the management company workers is disgusting and I have had enough. I have asked them numerous times not to swing on the trees but I may as well go and swing on them myself for all the good it does. Also if anyone else is in block 12 and has experienced problems with loud trucks parking in the creche zone from 6.30 am please let me know as I now have to sleep with the windows closed so as not to be woken...Thanks, Eoghan
(PS thanks to those who passed out the fliers recently, it is nice to know others have had enough and want to take a stand)


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Kids taking over!

I agree with all the above postings as the kids are out playing until all hours at night, and early morning, screaming and shouting and using abusive language. The security guards seem to be acting as babysitters trying to keep them under control. Parents are nowhere to be seen but heard on a regular basis shouting over their balconys.

It has become an obstacle course on route to my apartment between dodging footballs, pieces of tarmacadam and kids. I never thought that amount of children would be allowed to live in an apartment block, it is unfair to them and to other residents who pay alot of money to live here.

Glad to see other residents feel the pain!


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More Noise and Mayhem............

I have to say that I am also in agreement with the postings above. In terms of contacting the management company Wyse, the success rate can vary. Whether it is the external door to Block 6 that has never been fixed properly, or the external gate (near block 6) that was broken for six weeks, or the regularly breaking down lift in block 6, or the piece of ‘ceiling’ that has been missing between block 11 and 12 for over a year, or the litter problem in the grounds, the noise and vandalism….. I suppose in fairness, it is probably unusual for vandalism of the grounds to be perpetrated by actual residents. But it is definitely the case that the management fees are not in line with the service levels provided.

As a glutton for punishment I have lived in block 8 and block 6 and have seen a marked deterioration in the general upkeep of the property over the last three years. But it really is the noise and behaviour of the children that can impact so negatively on the quality of life in this area. The fault lies partly with the government / Dublin Docklands Development Authority who have and continue to develop an area without decent public open spaces and amenities.

Here’s hoping for a very cold and wet winter!!! At least that may provide a temporary respite from all the noise, missile throwing and sporting activity that has become so commonplace.


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I completely agree with the other comments. The rules for the site are clear ie. children should be supervised, no skateboarding/bike riding, no ball games, etc. Why does the management company take no action? The security staff stand by and allow these things to happen. Surely residents who do not follow the rules should be removed.