Northwood Neighbourhood Watch


Moderator (Parklands)
Following the inital meeting on the 5th of Nov, the next meeting is Wed 3rd December, Crowne Plaza, 8pm.

At the moment it's committee level, with reps from Lymewood, Temple Court and Parklands, with the local community Garda John Durr. Those that attended will be sending out information into the post boxes of our relevant complexes over the next few weeks. And hope to improve the links and security within Northwood by working together and spreading Neighbourhood Watch within our own complexes. The idea is that residents look out for each other and help one another.

We would appreciate if a couple of reps from Temple Lawns and Gardens would step forward.

After that any meeting (I think but will confirm later) will be open to residents to voice concerns or just listen.

The gardai will then invisage it to be bi-monthly