NTL versus Magnet?


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Anyone with issues to report on their cable/broadband connection?

I myself have just had Magnet installed.

The only reason i went for magnet was because i heard so many bad things about NTL.

The broadband and TV are working ok so far, but i am still waiting for the phone connection.



NTL used to have terrible customer service, which got somewhat bit better recently...

But despite that, their broadband service is topnotch!

I had quite a few issues with Magnet being down, plus the upload speeds aren't great (important these days more than in the past...). Supposedly with magnet contention ratio is 1:1, however with 1:17 in NTL never had any problems...


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I recently upgraded to a PVR box with magnet.

It was a nightmare waiting for them to get to me, but now it is here, I have to say it works quite well.