Parking at Tullyvale

Suzie Tullyvale

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Just wondering if anyone else has any comments on parking at Tullyvale? Obviously visitor parking is quite limited but at least the main road is there (though people often park way too close to the corner making visibility poor for anyone coming out the Druids Valley gates). However, today there was an incident whereby cars parked in the slot for 3 cars opposite the yellow boxes were clamped...there's no yellow lines or anything. I've owned in Tullyvale for 6 years and these spaces have always been for communal parking.

Does anyone know if the rules have changed??



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The parking along the roadway will be stopped by the Co. council when the road is taken in hand, presumably when LUAS is finished. Then the restrictions will be enforced with yellow lines etc.

Very often there are cars parked in the entrance (brick pillars) to Druid Valley and there is major danger to people driving in and out as cars coming out of the estate are likely to be hit head on by cars entering from the access road.

Also through Druid Valley with parking both sides of the road, there is a serious risk to kids, never mind the lunatics flying in and out.