Parking on Charlestown Road


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Just wondering if anyone has any news on this. VERY glad to see the double yellow lines that were painted at the junction of St Margarets Road. Unfortunately they only go so far down Charlestown Road - just after the Cityside entrance gates I think. Are there any plans to paint further down? I'm referring in particular to the Charlestown entrance. People are now parking opp this because of the dbl yellows further up and obviously this is just dangerous and stupid. Cars coming from either the direction of the park or St Margarets Road are now forced to drive in the middle of the road and cars coming out of Charlestown are having some hairy moments. Also is this the Shopping Centre staff parking there?


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I know where you're talking about and I think that it is staff working in the Shopping Centre that is parking along that stretch of the road. It doesn't help matters that when you turn in to the Charlestown estate right at the corner there is (9 times out of 10) a large people-carrier type taxi parked on the very corner (as it's their house they're parking in front of) and then you have to contend with the people who live in the few duplex units on that small stretch of road and then you're into Charlestown! Phew! How we don't have more accidents I'll never know :)

I honestly don't know if there are any plans to extend the double yellow lines but what they need to do is make sure that the people who do park across from a junction (which I believe is a tickeable offence) get tickets!


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I agree, trying to get in and out of the estate is becoming a nightmare, There are increasingly more and more cars being parked at the side of the road on the entrance to the estate. I think a lot of them are from the builders who are still working on the shopping centre. I really wish the enforcement officers could take over and hand out parking tickets to those who really deserve to be paying the fines.

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The Residents Association received commitment from Fingal County Council before Christmas about placing double yellow lines on Lanesborough Park. As we know this took place recently in part. The Residence Association have written to the Council to enquire as to when the lines will be completed to the end of the road.

As for the issue of the people parking from the shopping centre, this was raised before with the Charlestown Centre Manager and the Gardai and it stopped for a short while. If you see anyone parking in a dangerous position please contact the Gardai and make an issue of it. Unfortunately until the lines are down this is all we can do.


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The reason for the staff of Charlestown shopping centre parking along Charlestown Road is, Its free.: If they park in the shopping centre they only get 2 hours free and are then charged: That is a direct quote from the SC manager.

Check out and see a photo of the estate.


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:( I think its a shame that they dont provide parking for their staff, even if they cordoned off an area in the open air car park. Its not like it wouldnt hold extra capacity - its huge. At the end of the day its the residents of Charlestown and the surrounding estates who shop in CSC on a regular basis so the Management should be doing everything they can to keep us happy!! Does anyone else have an opinion?


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I think the more pressure that is put on Fingal County Council to put down double yellow lines the better. Also, pressure on the centre to actually provide some staff parking, considering there are so many empty spaces currently.

It's causing a serious issue and I'm sure there will be an accident or two sooner rather than later.