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Hi everyone. This is my first time to log onto the forum. It's a great idea and thanks to all involved. I just have a thought on recycling. I know that city residents living in houses are encouraged to recycle using green bins. And these bins take paper, cans, tetra pack and light cardboard from what i remember. And i understand there is no disposal charge.

Its great we have bottle recycling here at C.Quay and limited paper recycling bins. However..

1. Using one green bin as used by the city council is a very convienient way to dispose of all recycled material previously mentioned (no need to sort items).

2. For us apartment dwellers there is no incentive to recycle our tetra, cardboard or tins as were charged the same managment fee for refuse no matter how much or little we throw away into the normal landfill bins in the basement.

3. Surely the incentive of a reduction in managment related fees related to an increase in use of green bins would encourage more people to recycle more often. It definitly has had an impact on city house dwellers who have to pay for there weekly pick ups or bin tags.

Probably this is complicated to organise. Still i will be surprised if its the case that the city council has put such a simple and helpfull green bin system in place across the city for house dwellers and have not considered a similar 'pay by the waste you use' system for apartment dwellers.

And would anyone think it worth while to have a plastic recycling pick up point in the basement ?


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I totally agree that there should be better recycling facilities at Clarion Quay. To date I have been forced to take cans to Trinity or Ringsend, but as I am on foot, tetra / plastic has often ended up in general waste.

I have approached DCC about recycling facilities in apartment complexes before following an article that was posted on the dublinwaste website in 2004. (Unfortunately I gave up in frustration).