Problem with drains throughout the estate


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Hi All,

I noticed a problem with my down stairs toilet a couple of weeks ago and when I tried to unclog the toilet I realised there wa nothing wrong with the toilet itself so I emailed KPM and asked. A few days later Seán got back to me to say there is a problem with the drains in the entire estate but due to lack of funds in the account they cannot get it fixed. He said that there was a letter sent round about this but neither myself or my neightbour got this letter so thought i'd let everybody know in case it was never actually sent out. This could cause MAJOR problems if it's not dealt with soon.

AGM tomorrow evening in The Paddocks at 7pm. Think we should get as many people there as possible in order to try to get this resolved asap!


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Oh Paula - thats a disgrace - surely they have a priority with this issue? Saying there is no money is a joke - there is money there to move the bin last week.

Have you got on to Fingal to see if the building works could have affected this?

On a side note I was talking with Fingal last month. The reason they won't take over our estate (***WHICH WOULD MEAN NO MANAGEMENT FESS***) is because our drains are in bits! This was down to the builders (who have now gone bankrupt) and the building of the school which put additional strain on our already weak drains.