Problems in Moylaragh, Balbriggan


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The landscaping in the area has not been attended to in over a year and it has become overgrown and completely unsightly.

The problem is that some parts of Moylaragh have been handed over to the Council some are in the control of the developer and some are under a management company and it depends which one is which.

I have informed Fingal parks division of the situation and they are to get back to me on the matter.

I understand that it is the responsibility of the home owner to look after their own area but the landscaping that is required is, for the most part, across a road. The bushes and trees in that area are so overgrown that you would need a chain saw to cut them down and you would also need to rent a ride on lawn mower to cut the long grass. Not to mention the dumping in the area which has begun.

Many residents have also reported seeing rats in the long grass area between Moylaragh and Westbrook fences.

As you can imagine the situation has become intolerable.

I think the residents in Moylaragh need to get together and do somehting about this problem.

Please contact me through this website or email me on


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If you contact the eastern health board Pest Control Section they will come out and lay poison for rats. Rats are only there if there is a food source, so prbably due to food dumped in rubbish etc.