Problems with intercom


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Has anyone else had problems with the intercom systems? When someone rings my apt. I sometimes cannot 'buzz' them in. I know this is a problem for another apartamnt as well. Wyse said it's my problem, but I think it's something wrong with the system.

Any else?


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This is the same foe me peterire, we called the managment company and they had a guy out last Xmas, they said they couldnt fix it and that was that! also instead of hearing a voice I now get a loud high pitched scream from the intercom. I am calling them again today so keep an eye out here for their response (block 12 is mine in case you are wondering)


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Intercom 'buzz-in' not working


thanks to whoever set up this user forum for CQ- likely to be v useful for lots of the residents as issues arise.

We had a long-standing problem w our intercom, in that the buzz-in button did not work intermittently (often needed to press it several times B4 it activated). It eventually gave up the ghost completely. We;ve since had the maintenance guys in (via Wyse), and he told me that the problem is a frequent one cos the units are the cheapest available, and have a cathode ray tube for the visual screen which pulls lots of power. result is that there is often insufficient power available to the buzz-in switch and it fails. Pressing it lots of time works for a while, but it will eventually fail all together.

Solution: as it was in our apt & associated with our own intercom unit, it was our problem & a replacement would have cost ~€400!!! He did offer an alternative though, to see if he could link one of the other unused buttons to a buzz-in function, and route the signals via a control box in the basement. |depended on where the control unit was located in basement as to whether this would be possible, and it was for us (Block 12). This worked, and it means our existing intercom is now working again, using the bottom button for the buzz-in function.

If you have the maintenance guys in, suggest you ask them to try this before considering replacing the whole unit @ considerable cost!!!