Moderator (Chambers Park)
there are 6 pubs in kilcock,
the closest is the GAA club. its a family friendly modern pub with pool table, dart board and big screen tv. Good mix of people from of all ages. when its nice its cool to go outside to the benches and watch the football / hurling. Memebership is about 20 quid but the beer is cheap!

O'keefes by the canal is the only food pub is the village, the polish staff are friendly but to be honest i cant say it has much of an atmosphere.

the gregory tavern in the square is a lovely looking pub with a fairly young crowd, great place to go with a gang of mates on the hunt. The bar area ( with dart board) gives off a locals only vibe though. It has a great smoking area at the back which i doubt complies with the regulations but i wont tell the smoke nazis if you dont. there is another small outside area in front of the bar. The massive lounge area is full of relaxing couches on which to relax. When its quiet and you fancy a pint with a good book to read i recommend upstairs were noone will disturb you.

On the other side of the square is murphys, in a lot of way the complete
oposite of the greg, I was in it last night when an impromptu Sean Nos session started, an american tourist coming would have paid a fortune to see this part of orignial irish culture. This is an original irish pub, the way they used to make them, entenpenuring businessmen have been making bad clones of places like this and puting them in cities all over the world.
Clientel tend to be farming types from just over the meath bridge so as a meathman myself i feel most at home there. Pool and darts are available and outside there are benches for the smokers and you might enjoy sipping a pint there watching life go by.

The Lions house on the old galway road is the spit and sawdust type, they just dont bother with the sawdust. Situated beside the bookies, its clientel tend to be the gamblers of life. The pub itself is falling apart but it'll probably still be serving in 100 years with no renovation. It has a pooltable and an annoying jukebox and the toilets has to be experienced to be believed. Dispite all this i quiet like the place, you could be world famous but you'd still have to wait your turn in this place like everyone else. it has no aires and graces and the staff are a friendly lot.

The 6th pub is across from the scout all and i'm not sure of it name . A bright modern place with friendly staff is all i can say. Anytime i've been in it , its been a bit dead but to be honest i haven't had enough experience of it to comment.