Recent Maintenance to Carpenterstown Park!


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[SIZE=2]In July, Carpenterstown Park Residents Association committee members met and cut back foliage and hedge growth around the Cherry/Maple & Sycamore Estate's granite sign (at Coolmine roundabout) which was then shredded by the Council. It is hoped that the name will be repainted shortly.

In addition, the good rapport the Association built up over the years with Fingal Co Co's Environmental Dept in Coolmine has paid off, with maintenance continuing to be carried out on our greens and verge footpaths, something not to be taken for granted in the current economic climate. If you are speaking to any of our public representatives, be sure to mention this, as the work and effort by this team is much appreciated!

By the way, if you have always wanted to and never had the opportunity to get involved with your Residents Association, perhaps now is a good time and you would be most welcome. Carpenterstown Park Residents Association is open to all and new ideas are welcome. A notice regarding the next meeting will be posted on our website and here very shortly.