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I'm an owner occupier in the Southgate Development on Cork St and am thinking about setting up a residents assoc. In recent months the building again has been targeted by local types who have broken into cars etc in the carpark.

There are a number of other issues which I think should be discussed by like minded residents (with or without the help of the mgt company)

1. Break in's in the carpark
2. Rubbish being left in the stairwell going down to the carpark
3. No enough rubbish bins for ANY of the blocks - leading to overflows
4. Graffiti in the public areas and lifts
5. Unacceptable noise levels by residents who choose to gather all their friends outside in the small hours of the morning.
6. Cleaning or lack of in all public areas.
7. Cars being parked in spaces not allocated to them.

If you would like to discuss any of these issues and others please feel free to get in contact so we can all make our complex a nicer place to live



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Another resident here and very interested in doing whatever we can to make South Gate a pleasant and safe place to live.



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Hi All,

My Fiance and I have recently purchased and moved into Southgate and we are really interested in setting up a Management Committee as soon as possible.

The car park gate was only being repaired this am, despite it being broken since last Friday, and there are still major issues with rubbish and people parking in spaces which don't belong to them.

We are most unhappy at the level of service being provided by the current management agent and want to tackle these problems before they slide out of control.

Reply to me if you're on.

Thanks a million,



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management committee

Hi all,

I also own and live in South Gate. I have been in regular contact with both the management agent (Panorama Property Management) and the company secretary of South Gate Management Company Ltd. (the management company)

I set up this forum originally hoping that others would find it. I have also been requesting a register of members from the company secretary since March - to no avail.

I am very interested in working with others to make our place a safe, secure and pleasant place to live.

Looking forward to meeting some of you soon.



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Hi All,

Hopefully most of you received the letter drop last week: there is another meeting of residents this evening in the Courtyard.

Matters are becoming crucial at this stage. Sometime yesterday evening, the front and inner door to Block B were kicked in and wedged open.

Last night 7 cars were broken into in the car-park. An access fob was stolen from someone's car, which means that theives now have easy access to the car-park and consequently, the building.

The CCTV tape is being examined, and the management agent and Gardai have been alerted.

However, we now have to examine all options relating to security.

If anyone is on, hope to see you at the meeting.


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Meeting this evening

Hi All

Was anyone at the meeting this evening? What did you think?

Do you think any of our issues were addressed?

I am a concerned owner / occupier also



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Meeting last night.

My fiánce and I, among others, attended.

Issues raised with Panorama Property were:

This section of the post contained details of the meeting and this complete post has been moved to the Private area at the request of Ainegriff... Contact me for details on how to access the private area. I will supply you with the password. JohnC

Roddy Gallagher of Panorama agreed to undertake the above.

Interested parties put themselves forward to form a Managment Committee to represent the Managment Company.

That group are to meet in the coming weeks in order to formalise the Committee and further issues.


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Meeting Information going public

Hi guys!

I'm also an owner/occupier at Southgate and was at the meeting last night. Was nice to meet some of the faces of Southgate!

As the '' forum's sub heading is 'fun, friendly forums for neighbours', my thoughts are that although our issues should be discussed somewhat on this forum, I'm not comfortable that such a detailed 'minutes- like' account of our resident meetings should appear so publicly after every meeting, especially the sensitive detail of our security issues. Can't we keep that extent of detail to a more private level please :) ??

So now....who's having the party next friday night? :D


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meeting etc.

Great to see some faces and start to get to know some of you.

email address that was mentioned seems not to be working.

I have been told that this one will be used:

have sent a test mail to this and have not received a bounce back... so this may be the one to use?

Looking forward to meeting you all again



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private / sensitive information

Hi again,

Just noticed that there is a private area in this forum that we could use for more detailed / sensitive / secure information in line with Cartmans suggestion..... Not sure how it works but since I am the moderator, I will figure it out. I think if you go to the private area (last topic in the list) and send me a message, I can give passwords to access this area.

Someone send me a message that way and I will try to set it up.



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John and all,
I tried and it doesn't seem to work either. Michael Noonan is aware of the problem and hopes to have it resolved today.
He is also arranging a venue for our next meeting, due to be held Weds 24th October.
I will message you about a password for the private area.


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knock knock

Hi all. can you add me to the private area please? Paul here - Aine's neighbour. I notice the banging and sawing that normally kicks off at 9am on Sunday didn't start til almost 1pm today! place getting better!

Any word on the cork street gmail? i didn't get a reply or anything.


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Could you please send me on the password to access the private area. I am also a resident of Southgate (tenant) and since my car was one of those vadalised last month would love to get involved in improving the place. We need all the help we can get !!! Cheers.