Roth Rua fence on Sandyford Hall View


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I noticed in last Friday's Evening Herald (18th May 2007) that Roth Rua has applied for Retention Permission of their 2.55m high green fence on Sandyford Hall View. I believe this is the 3rd time they have put an application in to keep this fence. Some of you may remember that this 75m long fence was erected in 2006 just after they put a plan in to build apartments on the site.

Some residents believe that the fence is built 2m inside Sandyford Hall land and constitutes a 'land grab' that may benefit a future development, and may even be used for rear access to the site. It was also erected without planning permission or consultation with their neighbours in Sandyford Hall.

Anyone wishing to object to the retention of this fence has 5 weeks to send their submissions to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

If anyone has any opinions on the fence post them here.