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pub in Shopping Centre

does anyone know if there is going to be a pub built as part of this shopping centre development? could do with a more local 'local':)
Hi breg and welcome!

Don't know for definite if there will be a pub there but it'd be silly if there's not, definitely the demand for it! Or even two, just to have the choice :)

There's been an empty building in the middle of Citywest beside the Spar and the deli with a "suitable for pub/restaurant" sign in the window for the past at least three years now, guess that just isn't as good a location for one!


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yeah would be a shame if there wasn't a pub built there (new shopping centre). i've heard rumours that it was in the original plans but may have been dropped:(
Ooh look, just found it's very own website -
Not much on it yet (aimed at potential retailers) but it does mention restaurants...

My wishlist for the shopping centre apart from the supermarket already announced (maybe it will be read by someone who can make it happen :D )
- two pubs (one for a saturday night and one for a sunday afternoon :) )
- good bakery
- dvd rental place
- apache pizza (only if they stop those woeful radio ads!)
- boots

Anybody else have any ideas for what they'd really like to see there?


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My wish list;

Jennifer Duggans (or other beauty place).
Good Cafe - another hungry bear would be heaven.
REALLY nice Restaurant (Roleys would be fab).
Some kind of holistic/YOGA centre would be ideal.


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Only a sniff of a clue to whats going into the shopping centre, but place property have applied for the following planning permission ammendments:
- a licensed bookmaker
- "restaurant for sale of hot food for consumption on/ off the premises" - (will micky d's be gracing us with their presence??)
- a restaurant

Extremely vague i know, but just thought i'd share it with you...
Anyone else heard anything?


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just a few more details:

coffee house - Costa Coffee
bookies - Boyles Sports
restaurant - Eddie Rockets
restaurant - KFC
off license - o'briens
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shopping centre

hi guys i just stumbled across this thread while researching the area

the centre looks like it should be good,

im putting in a jewellery store and i know the person who is putting in a camrea shop.

there is at least 4 cafes going in as well so that should give a bit of choice
Shopping Center

Hi, Does anyone have an up to date list of what is going into the shopping center? From what Ihave heard so far the shops seem to be a little bit tacky, I thought we would get a few classy shops????????????
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Hi everyone, just throwing this up on this thread as its about shopping of sorts..... My wife recently gave two fingers to the resession and opened her own beauty and hair salon with two of her friends. Its called FUSION HAIR & BEAUTY and its in the green Isle hotel.
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