Showhouse For Sale


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The showhouse went for 610k. Got an email from Sherry Fitz today. Lots of the houses have gone back on the market this morning. Ring Clare O'Sullivan in Sherry Fitz if ye're interested!


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tina_cork said:
Lots of the houses !
Tina - How many is lots?
Why are these houses returning to the market now?
Any indication of prices?
What Types are available?

Sorry for all the questions :p


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Sorry for not being more specific! The first mail i got made me think there were quite a few but i replied and got a proper answer. Im not sure what prices these houses were last year. She also mentioned there is no stamp for owner occupiers.
I'm not sure why they're on the market now

3 x B type- 4 bed detached- €495,000.
1 D type - 4 bed semi- €395,000.