Silly question on pronunciation


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'Helpful people' sounds most encouraging, for I need your help badly. Could anyone please tell me how exactly you pronounce the name 'Bradogue'? I'm not Irish, actually I'm translating a book where the name is mentioned and I can't just spell it as it is, I must know the sound of it. I've checked with every pronunciation dictionary I could find, it's not there. Will anyone help please?

Transcription will do, or any explanation - do you pronounce the 'bra-' element as in 'brad' or as in 'brady'? And how is the '-gue' element pronounced, as in Montague or Donahue or in some other way?

Thanks a lot!


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Hi, I don't live in this estate but I reckon its pronounced brad (as in brad pitt) and ogue as in vogue (fashion magazine).