SPM withdraw their services from Hansted


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Hot off the Press :

We have undertaken a review of the business and in particular of the developments for which we act as agent.

We have realised that due to our own high level of expectations along with those of directors and or committee and time required to meet these expectations in the current climate that certain developments were no longer profitable and therefore viable to the business.

Unfortunately Hansted Management Company Limited is one of the few developments that fall into this category. In order for us to continue to provide a professional service that meets our own high expectations and those of the committee we would have to raise our management fee substantially.

We are of the opinion that this increase would not be acceptable to the company and this along with the view that we were in arrears over the last number of years, has led us to the conclusion that we must give notice of our intention to resign – 31st October 2011, unless otherwise agreed by both parties.

I have written to Richard Holohan in this regard also and await further instructions. We believe a handover meeting in a couple of weeks rather than that scheduled for this Thursday would be more beneficial for your company.

At that stage I am sure you will have thoughts on director and new agent takeover and we will of course work to complete a smooth handover on behalf of the company.

On behalf of the office I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business to date.

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The residents committee have begun negotiations with alternative management companies (its the law we need one). We are in a better position here as we had NO choice with the appointment of SPM but we have complete control of the new company.

As per usual I ask for your support on this matter but its seems to fall on deaf ears !!!!!!!!!


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Thats correct, however without employing an agent to manage the like of electricity bills, landscaping, insurance and so on this burdon would rest on the residents committee. I know for a fact that the committee (3 people) do not have that kind of free time / expertise to handle such a task.

As it stands our time is limited and we barely managed to have enough time trying to ensure SPM were tendering out work fairly and spending our management fees efficently. I have continually asked for members on this forum but to no avail. I dont think its fair on the 3 of us to take it on as I feel we would probably fail and then be held accountable to the residents.

Another critical issue is Credit control, one of the main reasons SPM are leaving Hansted is because of lack of residents paying their fees. In these difficult times no chance I would be asking people to pay. I'd rather have an agent take that on

Sorry for ranting......