Surround Sound Cables in Living Room


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My wife and I are due to do a snag on our house on The Fairways very shortly (end of March 07). I recently had an appointment to view the house and I noticed that the electrician has placed the cables for the surround sound speakers about 2 foot into the centre of the ceiling as apposed to having them at each corner of the ceiling as per the show house. I guess this is the same in every house.

Has anyone installed speakers? Has this been an issue?


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Same in mine and 3 other I have been in. Would be interested to know the outcome of this particularly the cost per speaker.


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Has anyone installed the in-ceiling speakers? I would be interested to know what model to buy. I have a Yamaha amp. By the way is the plate in the kitchen ceiling also for a speaker?


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Yes, the plates in the kitchen are for speakers as well, there should be 6 cables coming out of the wall in the front room, 4 for the Front room and 2 for the kitchen. I was wondering is there much noise transmission through to the bedrooms if recessed speakers are used?