The Balbriggan Forum - New Features - Read me please!

Hello and welcome to the new design for and The Balbriggan Forum
We will be working on the board until 1st of October - If you find any glitches - please post below

We have added the larger neighbourhoods and areas like Dublin North.
Balbriggan is your main forum but you can also post in Dublin North if you have something you want to discuss or share with the broader neighbourhood.

New Features:
(available when you Sign Up and log in)

"My Neighbourhood"
menu appears as your main navigation.Dublin / Dublin North / Balbriggan)

If you live in an development thats not listed in The Balbriggan Forum - please send us the details and we would be delighted to add it.

New Threads
When creating a new thread we ask that you select a section to put it in
Discussions / News / Classifieds / Directory, then write your thread or message as normal.

The new tag system is optional but it allows you to see popular words that users use to tag their threads.

New threads and threads with new posts automatically appear on the top of the board.
On the blue bar under the main menu you can filter all the threads by
Discussions / News / Classifieds / Directory or View all if you want to see all the threads together

"my threads" a dedicated button which takes you straight to your threads - the conversations you’ve started
"my posts" a dedicated button which takes you straight to your posts - the conversations your contributing to.
Here you can see the activity on your conversations at a glance.

"Search" - Instant easy search (and advanced)

"Popular threads" You can see the popular threads at a glance
- the most view threads
- most replied to threads and
- most voted threads on the board

"Popular tags" You can see the popular tags at a glance
(If you are creating a fresh thread - you can add tags to make it easier to find)

"Share and Bookmark" button - if you come across a thread or post that you might want to bookmark, tweet or send to a friend

"Invite Button" -
Send a invite from our new invite system
A poster download for putting up in common areas
A flyer download for delivering to your next door neighbour

My Settings - to access your setting quickly
Quicklinks - to access your other areas of the control panel

Thread & post voting system
"Did you find this post helpful?" appears under each thread and post.
This allows you to agree or disagree with what someone is saying.

The site is best viewed in Firefox or Google Chrome, we are currently tweaking it for Internet Explorer.
Please take a second to bookmark our new location using our "Share | Bookmark +" tool on the right of your screen.
We hope you find the new features useful and if you have any feedback - please post here