The best place to buy a house


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I am looking for a house in Balbriggan. Basicaly, I am looking for quite town, not far away from Dublin, with local shopping and decent school. I would say, from what I learned from the net, Balbriggan is nearly perfect place for me.
At the same time I do understand that some problems are exist, anyway.
There are couple of houses I really like, but I know nothing about areas. It would be not nice to spend a couple of hundreds K's to realize, that there is a huge problem with teenagers antisocial behavior or drugs in your neighborhood. Therefore, I need your advice
There are areas I am interested in. Please, tell me, what is bad things in those areas, the good things I will see myself.
Pinewood Green Hill
Moylaragh Avenue
Bremore Castle Gate, Hamlet Lane
Tara Cove

Also, is there a problem to get to Dublin for work? Like, traffic in the mornings, train cancellations?
Thanks, very much