The Park


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The clean up of the park and the mess after the bonfire seems to be up to Empire home as the park has not been taken in charge and the management co. who clean it up last year dont have the money for this year. Empire have an office in charlestown road, could as many people as possible call in or phone and complain about the mess the park is in. I wounder if FCC could force Empire to clean the mess

The contact details for Empire homes are on the charlestown home page


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Another Bonfire

:mad: Does anybody have any idea who the little ****s were yesterday evening who started a bonfire in the Charlestown side of the park at around 5 O'Clock yesterday. I rang the Gardai who had a pretty rapid response time I am happy to report, however; as soon as the kids saw that the Firemen were comin to put the bonfire out they ran off. I recognised some of the mugs alright but I havent a clue where they live which is lucky for them cause!!! I certainly would have been knockin' on their parents doors to let them know what their little darlings are getting up to, thats if they dont already!!!!! So yet again there is another mess in the park which no one is prepared to clean. After Halloween last year my husband and next door neighbour were in the park for about an hour cleaning up the mess, when is someone going to take responsibility for this area. What do we pay our taxes for and our management fees for! Its a pure disgrace. And also when are the parents going to do something about the tear aways that are turning our neighbourhood into a hoodlums area and free for all