Updates from Councillor Darragh Butler


Moderator (Charlestown)
I'm after receiving a couple of updates from Councillor Darragh Butler relating to issues in and around Charlestown/Lanesborough/Meakstown neighbourhoods.

I'm currently unable to attach the PDF files he has sent me (I'm working on getting them uploaded so you can download them to view them) but in the meantime, any text that I can post, I'll post it here and if you would like a copy of the PDF file, please pm me with an email address so I may forward it on to you.

Hello all,

Please see the attached replies from both Fingal County Council and Dublin City Council in relation to questions that residents have submitted to me. Please do not hesitate in contacting me regarding these of any further issues.

I have also attached a section from the autumn edition of the Fingal County Council newsletter, entitled "Knowing your rights – Apartment living in Ireland" – which will be of interest to those of you involved with Management Companies. Please contact FCC at the email address provided if you are interested in these Management Company training programmes.

Please feel free to forward this email to other residents and also please forward me any email addresses that you want me to add for regular updates.

Best regards,

Darragh Butler

Hello all,

Just another quick update regarding the Castle Pub and the state of the surrounding area. You will know that I have continued to raise this issue again and again over the last year and I will continue to do so until resolved. Please see below the replies that Fingal County Council issued to me following further complaints from another resident.

Once again, please feel free to forward this email to others and please send me any additional email addresses to add to my mailing list for regular updates to do with your area.

Thanks again & best regards,

Darragh Butler

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 8 Aug 2008 12:34
Subject: St Margaret's Rd / Jamestown Rd, D11

Dear Councillor,

With reference to your email below in relation to the area around St. Margaret's Road / Jamestown. As you are aware this area is on the border between the administrative areas of Fingal and Dublin City. We are aware that this has been a problem area for a long time despite the fact that it is regularly cleaned by our cleansing staff and also staff from Dublin City whom we met on site last year, it is littered again almost as soon as our staff leave the area.

The site at the Castle Pub is currently under investigation by the Enforcement Section of the Environment Dept. and is monitored on a regular basis, with the last inspection taking place on Tuesday 5th August 2008. While the Enforcement Officers are satisfied that the site itself was recently cleared they are currently trying to contact with the new owners of the land with a view to having the site secured more effectively so that others will not be encouraged to discard rubbish at this location.

In relation to the installation of CCTV, discussions have recently taken place with a number of CCTV companies with a view towards installing cameras in locations prone to illegal dumping. Proposals submitted by the companies are being examined and a decision on how best to move forward will be made shortly.

The Litter Management Unit has a Freefone Number - 1800 20 10 93 - whereby reports of dumping can be reported. Should anyone witness an incident, it is important that the details of the incident, including date and time & registration details if from a vehicle, are provided so that we may fine and prosecute offenders successfully. Please note that should we receive reports on such offences and the Litter Fine is not paid we would be requesting the person who reported it to act as a witness when the case proceeds to court.

Environment Department

In relation to the condition of St. Margaret's Road north of the Seagrave development, I wish to inform you that this part of St. Margaret's Road was realigned by developers working in the vicinity and the resurfacing of this area of road including the improvement of the grass verge area is actively being pursued with the developers by the Building Control Engineer.

Transportation Department