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Hi All

Just wanna bring to your attention a few problems that are going on regards vandalism. There's a group of kids dont know exactly who they are, i have a feeling a couple of them are from this estate and neighbouring estates. For the past 2 weeks ive had kids banging my door down, and just 2 nights ago, same group of kids pelted my house out of it with eggs! I know these are only small things, and kids will be kids, but its getting a bit out of hand now. Just tonight my neighbours green bin was burnt right outside they're house, the fire was pretty vicious as there was nothing left of it! Im not gonna go on, but with Halloween just around the corner, and bangers goin off, its just something to be aware of. I dont know whether the same or similar things have happened to anyone else, but im at my wits end with it!


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Hey, I live in Latchford square and my apt got egged on monday nite.... it happened around this time last year as well I am hoping that it is a once off but I am concerned with wot they cud do especially at halloween:(