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Anyone having issues relating to ventilation in their apartment? Specifically are the permavents on the window frames of any use? There does not seem to be a direct opening to the exterior of the apartment.


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Hi Key5,
Ventilation was a serious problem for us. We're on the ground floor in block 3. No air comes in from those vents in the window. It was so bad in our apartment that the architect was called out to come up with a solution as the apartment was getting damp.
In the end, a vent was drilled in walls of the bedrooms and the living room. that made a significant difference. Though we still have to use a dehumidifier in the colder weather when we can't leave the windows open.
The architect said the problem was because were are on the ground floor and there's a huge wall in front blocking the wind. :confused: She said that the problem wouldn't occur on the upper floors. Great design!:rolleyes: