Vodafone Signal


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Is anyone else having any problems with signal on their Vodafone mobiles recently? As soon as we are inside our hall door all reception is lost, I've called Vodafone and they said there is no problem in the area from their side and that maybe building working in the area is blocking the signal, I'm hoping the new school is not the problem otherwise Vodafone will be losing a customer.


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I have the exact same prolem isnce bank holiday Monday. I rang Vodafone and the same thing - all this week I have had it in the evenings


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they told me no one else in the area reported any problems whatsoever and to keep a log of any time i notice it not working, which is basically all the time since the bank holiday.
I even asked if they could bounce me to another mast for better reception and he said its not possible.

Dublin of all areas and we can't get a signal!!


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No one else in the area has reported it?? Bulls**t!!

I was on to them Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday -they admitted that they could barely hear me, the line was that bad.

The call dropped four times altogher - cue having to dial back up, go through the whole rigmarole again, hold for ages etc..only for it to happen again :mad: