Warning to Sweetman House residents


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Hi all,

Just to make you all aware that a motor bike has been stolen from the underground car park in the last 24 hours. A few weeks ago 3 males in a blue 03 audi were attempting to steal the same bike and were caught by someone. Unfortunately the poor owner of this bike did not use his/her bike until about 2 weeks after this incident so was not aware of this. I am concerned that he/she will not notice the bike missing for another long period of time. If anybody is aware of a neighbour that drives a bike, perhaps tell them to check to make sure it's not theirs. We phoned the garda station in Howth tonight and they said that another bike was stolen on 13/12/08 and that there was damage reported on a car for an attempted break in. These thieves are clearly professionls so everybody please beware and if you see a blue 03 audi around the area perhaps take note of the registration plate.



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Everyone remember not to just post suspicious activity here. You really really have to ring the Howth Guards. It may seem a bit silly for smaller things but from talking to them the 'number of calls' is an important metric they use for where they concentrate patrols... If they get enough they may do a more frequent patrol/pass through the estate as part of normal activity. Right now they probably only visit The Coast on a per-incident basis.

The nature of our location will always make us susceptible to the local teens and its something we are going to have to remain vigilant about... and probably a problem we can't really do anything about apart from the current kind of neighbourhood watch/chase/confrontation solutions.

The bigger problem to stop is the semi-pros/pros...(guys in cars/vans coming in looking a lifting motorbikes etc) if they get a taste that The Coast is an easy target then we'll be in trouble. However the advantage of The Coast is that all traffic can only come in/out in two main locations and each entrance/exit only allows you into half the development.

CCTV on simply the two main entrances would sort a lot out but I don't see that happening any time soon. I've set up a couple of decent webcams in my place but im not on main road so unable to catch any cars coming in/out..

Anyone interested in their own semi-pro cctv solutions: