What is a residents association?


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Residents Associations.

Some people have asked why have a Residents Associations? Well here is my attempt to answer that question...

What is a residents association?

A residents association is a group of people living in an area who have came together to take up issues of common concern in relation to their community and general environment.

Why set up a residents association?

There are many reasons to set up residents associations,
• Because you care about your home, your environment and the area you and your family live in.
• To gain a greater voice than an individual, when talking to the County Council about things that you would like to see changed within your estate.
• A residents association can help you get involved in decision-making that may affect your home/estate or surrounding area.
• To establish a direct dialogue with the Council.
• A residents association works to improve the quality of life for the people it represents.
• A residents association gives your estate a voice, when tackling issues of common concern.
• Working together on general improvements to your estate, builds a real sense of community spirit.
• Setting up a residents association can also be enlightening experience and can provide you with some real results in your local area; it can also be hard work but provide you with a fun and worthwhile experience.
• To gain a sense of community by meeting and helping people.
• To arrange outings and social events, where residents can get to know each other and take part in events.