What stage is your house at?


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Fit for purpose comes to mind Damien. Either Castlelands or Kitchen crowd are responsible for provide the house to you. If you have the extractor fan I am sure one of them have to make hole and seal around it for you. Its like saying they will give you toilets that don't flush, sinks with no drain, or windows and doors that won't open. If you paid for an extractor fan then it has to function before you sign off. Better be on your snag list.

I will have to watch that one too.


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Assuming that you are fitting it yourself, there are basically two ways you can cut the hole. You can get a specialist concrete coring contractor in, they will be able to give you a nice neat round hole just a little larger than the extractor duct, BUT, since they need to lubricate the diamond drill with lots of water you’ll get a lot of concrete slurry which won’t be easy to clean up. A better way is, get a hammer drill and a long bit from a hire shop (300mm long and at least 10mm diameter) and stitch out the hole, it won’t be as neat but if you drill a central locator hole from the inside, mark out your hole on the outside and stitch out the circumference. Just go through the outer block and you can cover the rough edges with the flap grille, then cut out the hole from inside with a plasterboard saw. Choose your location carefully and don’t cut through any structural timbers, pipes or cables.


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We put the lack of an extraction fan hole on our snag list and the builders obliged by putting a nicely finished one in for us.


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new contract

We have just purchased a contract in CastleRock; what can we expect wrt efficiency in snagging etc from the builder? Most of you seem to have gone through the process, are the snags addressed correctly?

It appears that we may not hace the same rights as anyone who has bought from plans concerning rebate, has anyone been through a contract buy?

Another issue is whether anyone has re converted a gas to an open fire? If so has this been costly and can you recommend anyone?

Also it appears that these houses though well designed do not have outside taps! Anyone know how much this might cost to get done and whether the on site plumber might be amenable to doing this?



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Outside taps are rarely provided by builders and are a very useful item.
It a fairly simple job for a plumber. I had requested the site plumber to do this and a few other extras, he's not very reliable, I ended up getting someone else to do it.
I've noticed a few outside taps not positioned over a gully, instruct your plumber exactly where you want it. Also I've seen the pipe coming out from the wall and the taps positioned further up the wall, therefore leaving a number of inches of pipe showing on the outside, looks terrible and a danger of freezing during winter.
Outside socket also very helpful.